Kayak Rental

RAINBOW LASER 5.15 expedition

Sit in single Kayak boat Rental from 70€ per day (minimum 3 days reservation)

Included: Kayak rental, trailer,  Full Sea – Kayak equipment (boat, 2 paddles, paddle float, dry bag, life jacket, spray skirt, boat sponge, handle bilge pump), snorkeling mask, delivery and collection within Athens-Attica area

Extra charge upon delivery at any other place in Greece and the Greek islands. Discounts for multiple days rental

Kayak boat Info

  • Lenght: 515 cm
  • Width: 59 cm
  • Cockpit: 86×48 cm
  • Volume: 395 Ι

Ideal for rental, resorts and tour operators.  Ideal for kayaking excursions on the sea and the lake. The stability and speed, combined with the widest range of accessories make it ideal for camping and boat trips of several days


Due to the dynamic nature of the sea conditions we are only able to rent to experienced kayakers with training in rescues and other skills. You are responsible for any damage to the kayaks that occur during your expedition. Before launching you will be required to sign a waiver saying you have the necessary experience requirements and assume responsibility for the kayak and gear

Legislation for Kayak

1. Are prohibited for individuals unable to swim properly and when the following minimum age requirements are not met, for canoeing minimum of fourteen (14) years of age, for kayaking a minimum of sixteen (16) years of age.

2. Are prohibited when distances from the shoreline are greater than five hundred (500) meters.

3. Are prohibited during adverse weather conditions and prior to sunrise and after sunset hours.

4. Are prohibited in cases where the number of individuals surpasses the number specified by the manufacturer for the specific model and type. Individuals or paddlers must be equipped with Personal Floatation devices.

5. Paddlers must exercise proper care and caution so as to avoid disturbing swimmers in the area.

Learn more for your safety at the following video