Bicycle Rental Terms

Rentals Company: N. G. KASSIMATIS SOLE SHAREHOLDER LTD, based in 8, Ippodamias square, Piraeus, Greece
(Tax ID: EL095072933), Telephone: 0030 210414121,,

1. Customers check bikes prior to pick up, and confirm the bikes, the accessories as well as the rental gear, all are in a perfect condition.
2. Customers agree on the gurantee fee policy, which is the 1/3 of the total retail value of each bike rented. The gurantee fee is pre-charged on the customers’ credit card, but the gurantee fee will not be charged on the credit card, if the Customers return their bikes in its initial perfect condition after its rental. Kassimatis Cycling Company service staff is designated to conduct the bike and gear check so in case of damage the gaurantee fee will be charged as a compensation.
3. In case Customers fail to return bikes to Kassimatis Cycling Company premises for any reason (e.g. theft), they are obliged to deposit a compensation fee at a bank account the Kassimatis Cyclinγ Company determines. The compensation fee is determined by the retail price of each bike. In case of not return to the company or loss or damages to accessories provided for free the company will charge at time of collecting this amounts: puncture kit 7euro/each, small pump 7 euro/each, toolkit7euro/each, spare inner tube 5euro/each, helmets 35euro/each, intermittent lights 7euro/each, high visibility jackets 10euro/each,2x20lts panniers 35euro/pair.
4. Customers return bikes to the Kassimatis Cycling Store or to any other designated place agreed by both parties. The returm time limit is the closing hour of the store depending on the first pick-up rental day (Sundays and Bank holidays are excluded). In case customers fail to return bikes on the day initially determined by both parties, there will be an extra charge of a day’s rental price multiplied by the number of days of the delay. In case an extra transfer is required, customers are obliged to pay the transfer expenses. In case customers ask to change the return day, the Company has the right to reject the request and customers are expected to oblige.
5. All Rentals or any other payment agreement by Customers come in advance, prior to bike use. You are strongly suggested to complete your payment at least 96 hours (4 days) or more days prior to the 1st rental day. The Company offers discount prices for multiple rental days. Customers are being informed at the The Company has the right to change the discount prices without prior notice. In case of a group booking request from another company or a travel agency or a hotel, the Company offers special prices, upon availability.
6. Customers request for a delivery at their hotel or any other place, besides Kassimatis Store at Piraeus. First, the Company will check for the availability of the bike transfer. Then, if the request is confirmed, Customers agree to pay an extra fee, in order to cover transfer expenses. Company has the right to ask for more than 50 euro if the location if the delivery is far from Piraeus. Company has the right to reject these requests as well.
7. Customers are the only individuals allowed to use their rented bikes. All bike rentals are personal and lending is strictly prohibited. Customers who do not comply to this condition take full responsibility in case of an accident, loss, damage or any other illicit use of the bikes.
8. Cancelation Policy: 100% money returns if the Company is informed (e-mail) 4 or more days prior to the arranged pick-up day. In any other case money return is impossible.
9. Customers confirm they are in a prefect physical condition capable of riding a bike. The Company cannot be held responsible in case of death, illness or any other ailment during the rental period. Customers themselves are fully responsible for their physical integrity.
10. The low court of Piraeus in Greece has the only Jurisdiction in case of dispute between the parties.

11.Customers are obliged to use the helmet, during cycling, for their safety. The helmet is provided by the Rental Company. Customers must follow the Driving Labels and Driving Terms from the Greek Road Driving Code.
12. The Company has the right to send more offers using Customers’ e-mail accounts.