Road Alloy Allez

Featured Bike Type
Road Aluminum Alloy Specialized Allez
Link at the Specialized website for extra Info

Rental Rates
(rates in euro currency per bike)
1 day: 40
2 days: 80
3 days: 115
4 days: 150
5 days: 185
6 days: 215
7 days: 245
8 days: 275
9 days: 305
10 days: 335
11 days: 360
12 days: 385
13 days: 410
14 days: 435

Included: Normal Pedals, Small pump, Toolkit, Spare inner tube, Lock, Helmet, Intermittent lights, Tax.

We were carrying Small, Mediums, Larges and XLarges. If it is needed and we know it on prior we can also add 1~2 or more XXLarge, upon availability

Look Keo Classic Pedals with extra charge 5€ per day

Delivery to your Hotel upon availability & an extra charge of 50€

Extra Accessories on demand:
Strong rear rack (available on frame for hybrids and Mtb, on seat tube for alloy racing bike frames; no racks on carbon frames)
Puncture Kit
High visibility jackets to ride after sunset, on main roads and tunnels
2x20lts panniers to be installed on rear rack, for each bike
Floor pump
Extension bars on racing bikes
Universal rack to carry on max 3 bikes on your rental car
Water Bottle
All above and many more products to choose from Kassimatis Cycling E-Shop (click here)
Pre-pay and have your accessories ready along the bike pick-up!

How can you do a Bike Rental?
Ask for the bike rental availability confirmation, including in your message the following basic Information:
– First Name / Last Name
– Mobile Phone Number
– Email
– Height
– Pick up Place (choose among our Bike Shops list)
Crete/Heraklion, Spetses, Kalamata, Nafplio, Argos, Thessaloniki city, Arachova (Delphi) / Parnassus Mountain, Piraeus Port / Athens)
– 1st rental day / Pick up Date (not on Sundays)
– Return Place
– Last rental day / Return Date (not on Sundays)
– Total Number of Rented Bikes
– Type of Bikes
– Bike Delivery Location concerning the pick up day or and the return day (upon extra fee)
– Extra accessories (on demand, upon extra fee)
– Payment via Bank Transfer or via credit card
– Personal questions & other information

Guarantee Rental Equipment Policy
Customers agree on the guarantee fee policy, which is the 1/3 of the total retail value of each bike rented. The guarantee fee is pre-charged on the customers’ credit card, during the bike pick up, but the guarantee fee will not be charged on the credit card, if the Customers return their bikes in its initial perfect condition after its rental. Kassimatis Cycling Company service staff is designated to conduct the bike and gear check so in case of damage the guarantee fee will be charged as compensation

Prepayment & Cancelation Policy
All bike rentals must be prepaid on-line, 14 or more days prior to the arranged pick-up day
80% money returns if the company is informed from the customer via e-mail, 14 or more days prior to the arranged pick-up day. Non refundable in any other case

Click here to Send an Inquiry for the Availability Confirmation
otherwise write your message using our Cycling Rentals E-mail: